If you’ve noticed a dumpster on Franklin Street and guys in hard hats working at the Marble Block, that’s because we have begun work on remediation of environmental contamination as part of the building redevelopment. It’s a major step in the process of getting this building back on its feet. Credere Associates, LLC, of Westbrook, Maine, using EPA Brownfields Cleanup sub-grant funds provided by the Southern Maine Planning & Development Commission (SMPDC), is handling the remediation work. Contaminants at this property that require remediation prior to reuse of the building include asbestos-containing building materials, PCB-containing building materials, and lead-based paint.

The work will take much of the month of October, but will result in a clean basement and first floor. The work is extensive, with the crew removing all materials and coverings, down to the original building structure.

We are so grateful to SMPDC for guiding us through this very regulated process and providing the funding!